Academy Trusts are constituted as charitable companies limited by guarantee and are registered with Companies House. Because the Academy Trust is both a company and a charity, the Trustees are also Directors, and they therefore need to comply with obligations under company and charity law.

The Trustees are responsible for the three core governance functions: setting the direction of the Trust, holding the Executive team to account, and ensuring financial probity.


Silver Birch Academy Trust Attendance Record

All trustees have declared that they have no other trusteeships or Directorships or other relevant shareholdings or other remuneration, with the exception of Patricia Davies and Chris Rayner, who are staff trustees. The Trust is just about to update its Articles of Association, replacing its current document with the DfE's Model Articles. We plan to have this in place by the end of October.



The 2015/16 financial statements for the Trust note that there were no related party transactions, and these statements are now published on the SBA website.

Please click here to view our governance structure, including Trustee attendance records.

The documents below describe our Scheme of Governance, our Scheme of Delegation, and our Code of Conduct.

SBAT Governance Charter June 2017

SBAT Scheme of Delegation June 2017

SBAT Scheme of Governance June 2017