Raising Aspirations & Achieving Ambitions

The Silver Birch Academy Trust has a clear driving ambition: to provide the highest quality education for all its pupils.

Outstanding outcomes will be the norm: every child is expected to achieve better than the national expected standard, and the relationships between children and staff will be of the highest quality.

The Trust will ensure:

  • The improvement of every academy to the grade of good or above.
  • The improvement of attainment levels of pupils by ensuring SATs results are above the national average year on year.
  • The support of teachers' continued professional development
  • The coaching and mentoring of staff and the evaluation of the impact of these strategies.


The Silver Birch Academy Trust (SBAT) aspires to transform education in the UK.

Our Academies

SBAT values the continued development of both pupils and staff in each academy and in order to demonstrate its commitment to these ideals